“The In Between”

So I got a blog.  I haven’t done it since xanga, even though I’ve wanted to.  I’ve been reading the blogs of The Dilbecks and The McFarlands, and it inspired me to write my own.  By the way, both blogs are great.  I’m still waiting on DH to post a blog, especially since it seems Mac is the busy one and Dale…well Dale is probably in his  sweatpants.  Anyways, let it begin.

I wondered what I should talk about in my first post.  I could give you the full details of my miserable job/schedule, but I wouldn’t want to depress people.   Or I could piss off one of my good friends, Drew Melton, and give you my personal views on politics,  but, like Drew has pointed out several times before, being a voting American citizen does not qualify me to talk about such things.  Maybe I will talk about the obvious summer choice… Lebron.

No, I’ve decided to talk about “The In Between.”  For all of you who haven’t seen or read “The Lovely Bones”, “The In Between” is the place between heaven and earth.   In “The Lovely Bones” the main character has died and left earth to go to her own personal heaven.  This is a place that acts like a prison where she must stay until her soul is at peace.  Once this happens she is off to actual heaven forever where she will be free. 

I feel that right now I am in “The In Between”, a place between heaven and earth.  For those of you who have been engaged or are engaged, I’m sure you can relate.  The earth I am speaking of is the single life.  I was once in a place where my only worries and concerns were for myself.  I did everything in my power to have the maximum amount of fun, every single day.  I was like a super hero… Social Man.  I worked a job that I enjoyed by half-day, and hung out with my friends by night.  It was a wonderful place full of laughter and Dr. Pepper. 

The heaven that I am speaking of  is married life.  It is a place that I cannot wait to get to.  I will finally get to pursue my dreams alongside the woman that I love.  We will go to a new city to start a new life.  Some of the people we care about most will be nearby to enjoy it with us.  I will be a husband and she will be a wife.  We will be truly happy once and for all.  That place seems like it’s only a dream like the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” (I’m in Kansas.  I had to reference OZ)

And then there’s this place I’m in now… “The In Between.”  Getting little glimpses of both worlds.  I get to hang out with Kelli in the evenings, and travel to see my friends on a few weekends while keeping up with them on twitter.  I work the graveyard shift so I can save until I one day get to my heaven.  All I do is look forward to the next chapter while sometimes I miss certain elements of the last.  I’m not sure how much I’ll miss this chapter of my life though.  So this is my life right now.  In approximately 3 months I’ll finally get to be married.  I’m more excited about this than I think I’ve ever been about anything.

Well this is my first blog post.  There will be many more to come.  I’m sure that when the wedding comes I will change the name. (I’m proud of the name, by the way)  For those of you who are thinking “what in the world is Jason going to blog about, his life is so boring…and he also sucks at grammar”, don’t you worry.   I have an odd life right now that I think warrants a good blog post or two.   As far as the grammar goes, worry… worry hard.


One Response to ““The In Between””

  1. claire Says:

    I like it … and your grammar was just fine.

    … And … I can’t wait for you to get married either. From a friend to a friend, not a know-it-all-and-i’m-so-experienced person to a friend, you are going to, like you said, LOVE marriage. I’m excited for both of you. 🙂

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